AAS (HRA) Enhancement G.O.Ms.No. 59 10th Class Exam Results 2011 10th Class Results 2011 10th Class Results Andhra Pradesh 6g(i) 9569 School Asst additional posts under RMSA AP SSC 2012 MARKS AND GRADING APGLI to Municipal Employees Census Enumerators/Supervisors Census Sheets for Rough Work Charts Suggested to be Displayed in Every Secondary School in the State Cir.Memo.No.020091 D S Education released Tentative Promotion Schedule D.A 8.56% D.A on Half pay leave DEO is the competent authority to give Regularization Proceedings DSC 2008 Pay Fixation Software DSC 2012 Community vise Vacancies and Syllabus DSC 2012 Notification Dated: 07.10.2010 Released for Categorization of Family Pension beneficiaries - Family Pension to the childless widow of deceased pensioner even after remarriage Departmental Tests May-2012 Results E L for RMSA training 2011 EL AVAILMENT EXGRATIA TO NGOs RELEASED East Godavari General Merit List of DSC-2012 Employee Health Care Ethics for School Teachers FAC Allowance Free Uniforms G.O.4 G.O.Ms.No. 315 G.O.No.178 General Holidays 2011 Govt. announced 5.992% D.A from July 2011 HALL TICKETS HM Promotions HPL ENCASHMENT IT Dept. Circular Income Tax 2012-13 Income Tax Software Information in Telugu JAC L E P Proformas LEP MATERNITY LEAVE Medical Reimbursement NCTE GUIDELINES FOR TEACHER ELIGIBILITY TEST AS PER RIGHT TO EDUCATION ACT NO OBJECTION TO GET PASS PORT New Automatic Advancement Scheme New D.A 41.944% New Rules and Additional Qualifications 2012 for DSC Notional Increments for Municipal Teachers Nowork-NoPay PRC GOs on LTC PROPONMENT Preversation of EL for cencus Promotions January 2012 Promotions on 1st working day RC.No.142 RMSA Guidelines for Utilization of Grants 2011-12 RMSA Training Schedule2011 RTE RVM SSA Notification Released for Manadal Resource Persons (MRPs) Recruitment Readiness Programme Content S R entries SCHOOL HEALTH SLET SMCs and Teacher Performance SSC Nominal Rolls SSC Nominal Rolls Excel Package for High Schools SSC Public Examinations March-2011 -Notification - Fee Schedule Released SSV DSC 2002 SUCCESS Posts for Municipal Salary Details School Proformas School Timings Seniority Lists for promotion Service Regularization and Probation Declaration Softwares Special C Ls Ssc Exam Results Surrender of Earned Leave 2010-2011 TEACHERS -2012 FOR MODEL SCHOOLS TET THE ACCOUNTS TEST FOR EXECUTIVE TIME TABLE SSC Teachers Transfers 2012 Time Tables for SSC Examinations Tuition fee Utilization of Grants Z.P.P.F.2009-10 ccl dsc merit list dt.09.01.2012 dt.4.7.12 Released preserve EL


SSC Nominal Rolls Excel Package for High Schools

Sri I.BALAKRISHNAIAH, SA, Govt.Model School, Nellore popular for good work has prepared an easy programme for SSC NOMINAL ROLLS & AGE CONDONATION. Click the below links for download.

SSC Nominal Rolls Software DOWNLOAD

AGE Condonation  DOWNLOAD

Note : It works in MS-Excel 2007

Health Cards


New D.A 41.944% G.O.No.178,dt.4.7.12 Released

New D.A 41.944% G.O.No.178,dt.4.7.12 Released
Government vide G.O.Ms.No.178,Finance(PC-I)Department,dt.04.07.2012 has enhanced the D.A of State Govt Employees from 35.952% to 41.944% (Raise 5.992%) with effect from 01.01.2012.
D.A Arrears from January,12 to April,12 will be adjusted into the PF / CSS Accounts of the Employees and Paid in Cash from May,12.

 New D.A. G.O.178,dt.4.7.12  Download

New 41.944% D.A Table   Download

Departmental Tests May-2012 Results


088 & 097

Lr.RC.No.70,dt.13.6.12 SCERT, Hyd proposals regarding reforms in School Timings, CCE and Teacher/HM Duties etc.

Lr.RC.No.70,dt.13.6.12 SCERT, Hyd proposals regarding reforms in School Timings, CCE and Teacher/HM Duties etc.
The Director, SCERT, Hyd in her Letter RC.No.70/D1/C&T/SCERT/2011,
dt.13.06.2012 has given information on undertaking Curricular and Evaluation Reforms along with School Timings as per RTE-2009 and State Curriculam Framework 2011.

Lr.RC.No.70,dt.13.6.12 DOWNLOAD

Undertaking Curricular & Evaluation Reforms as per RTE-2009 and SCF-2011 DOWNLOAD

Readiness Programme Content

Readiness Programme Content

Download Readiness Programme Content here

pre-test papers from 2 to 8 classes

Urdu Readiness Programme Content

SSC 2012 Grading System

SSC 2012 Grading System

The Grading Process is given subject wise for each and every subject
based on grace points at the final list .Grades such as A1,
A2,B1,B2,C1,C2,D1,D2,E/Fail . Total of 9 Grades , and the Points from
3-10 Points for each grade .There are no points for failure/failed
candidates .The Total points are taken and added and then it is divided
with number of subjects and the results will be given in points and thus it
was the final points for the students and he can have a grade. 10th class
results 2012 grades are given below

Marks Range For Total:

A1 (GPA - 10): 550 - 600 A2 (GPA - 9): 499 - 549
B1 (GPA - 8): 448 - 498 B2 (GPA - 7): 397 - 447
C1 (GPA - 6): 346 - 396 C2 (GPA - 5): 295 - 345
D1 (GPA - 4): 245 - 294 D2 (GPA - 3): 195 - 244

Example 1:
A Student Achieved Every subject with 92-100 Marks Range , the he gets
complete 10 Points each for every subject , then the total six subjects of
10 each and he get's 60 Points with 6 Subjects
Thus 60 is divided by 6 : ( 60/6) and results 10 Points .
60/6 = 10 Points = A1 Grade.
Example 2:
If your Grade follows like A1+A2+A1+A1+A2+A1 in 6 subjects.Then your
Grade Points calculation calculate as 10+9+10+10+9+10=58/6=9.66. Here
your Grade Points=9.66.

Employee Health Care Fund Draft Scheme under Rajiv Arogyasri Health Care Trust

Detailed Draft regarding Employee Health Care fund under Rajiv Arogyasri Health Care Trust published in November 2011 is provided here for your reference and download.

For Draft of Employee Health Care fund CLICKHERE

For Easy Understanding of Health Cards Information in Telugu CLICKHERE

DSC 2012 Community - vise Vacancies & Syllabus

DSC 2012 Community-vise Vacancies, East Godavari District CLICK HERE

DSC 2012 Community-vise Municipal Vacancies, East Godavari District CLICK HERE

DSC 2012 Community-vise Vacancies, All Districts CLICK HERE

DSC 2012 Syllabus for All Subjects CLICK HERE